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Monthly Archives: February 2010

New Project to be Finished by August

Recently, I watched the anime Last Exile. Not only is it an epic story set in a semi steam punk world, but it has some awesome costumes. So, of course, I am adding another costume to my list. This time I’m making one not only for myself, but another variation for a friend of mine. I must have these costumes done by August for a convention (and costume contest) that we are going to. 🐱 I’m really excited, especially since this will be my first time making a costume for both myself and another person.

 Sophia Forrester, Vice Captain of the Silvana

This will be my costume.

Second Helmsman of the Silvana

This is the costume for my friend.
I might make an additional costume for another friend of mine, but right now that’s up in the air.  Either this is the costume it would be…
Alvis Hamilton, Special Guest on the Silvana

or this one.

Alvis Hamilton, Guild Costume


So far the second Alvis costume is more popular, with my friend, than the first.  I just have to add a few slight modifications, and she’s good to go.

Happy Day

Just the other day, I was at a second hand store dropping off some old clothing. Naturally I looked around to see if there was anything I might like or have use for. That’s when I stumbled upon it. The awesomest thing I ever did see. Uber long valence curtains. It was amazing. There were between 3-6 of them and it was $3 for the lot. I was in heaven. I know, what on earth do I find so exciting about valence curtains? Only this, they were the perfect color and design to make a tiered Civil War ball gown!!! Everything was accurate, even down to the lace fringe!!! Naturally, I bought them. I also scored enough material to make a Colonial skirt, sleeves, and stomacher for $2!!! But my really happy note is that I’ve wanted to make a Civil War ball gown (including hoop skirt) even before I started sewing!!! Now I just need a few more yards of fabric for the bodice, thread, and maybe a few accessories, and I can make the dress!! I just need to figure out if this costume will be costume #3 or costume #4 (see previous post). Other than that, I’m game. *^p^*


As a challenge to myself and a tribute to my senior year, I have made it a goal to finish four costumes before my freshman year of college, which hopefully will be this fall.  To add an extra twist to my goal, I have added a stipulation to each of the four costumes.

Costume #1 must incorporate some sort of fantasy/costumes armor.
Costume #2 must be made from a pattern I made myself.
Costume #3 must incorporate a homemade hoop skirt.
Costume #4 must be one of my costuming dreams, and I must be very pleased with the outcome of the costume, that means detailing.  

That said, I will now move on to my ideas for the costumes.  For costume #2, I was thinking of making a mascot or Aerith’s Advent Childen dress.  I would use a very modified pattern for her bolero though because a homemade jacket pattern is just to complicated for me right now.  I’m leaning more towards the mascot because it’s more impressive, but I have all the materials I need for Aerith’s costume.  I also have very limited funds and will have to do a lot of saving, so I think Aerith is going to win.  I’m almost positive.
Costume #3, on the other hand, was a cinch to figure out.  I’m going to make one of Meliara Astiar’s gowns.  I’m hoping to make either either her first ball gown or her masquerade gown or her court gown.  I’m leaning more toward her masquerade gown.  The court gown is second.
As for costume #4, it’s going to be either Rouge’s green and yellow costume from X-men or an 18th centurey ball gown.  I’m at an impasse for both.
I’ll just say right now that I HAVE NO IDEA what I am going to do for costume #1.  I’ve never made costume armor before, and I haven’t really looked into very many characters with or examples of costume armor either.  But I know I want to make costume armor, for sure. 
So I need to start researching my ideas even more and start calculating costs, time, etc. soon, especially since I have this deadline.  I just hope school slows down so I can more done and have more time to work on my projects.