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My life just began to get a whole lot busier. Spring break is here, kinda. WOOT!!! And I’m going to need all the time I can squeeze out of a twenty-four hour day (including sleep) and more.

I have two, no three, costumes I have to complete and perfect by Monday. Eek! Spring break hasn’t even officially started, and I’m sewing like a maniac. Actually, I’ve been doing that for about a week, but that’s beside the point. On top of that, I have a ball to go to, friends’ performances to cheer on, and homework. Not to mention I have to figure out my hair for the ball. *_* Eeeeeehghl. *sigh*

I know I’m going to make it, all of the costumes are almost done anyway. I’m just a little worried that the quality won’t be as high as I’d like. *boyscout salute* Make every costume the best it can possibly be. That’s my standard.


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So, as usual, I have more than three projects going on at the same time. I am making my Civil War ball gown, colonial ball gown, prom dress, and arranging to make another Civil War ball gown and the two costume for the convention. Wow, am I busy. On top of that I have college, graduation, clubs, committees, and life. *^_^* Oh, well. It’s worth it. Especially with spring and summer break so near.

A Perfect Irony

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I LOVE to sew!!! Costuming is my favorite hobby. My machine can be a real pain though. It can sew every fabric but prefers only certain kinds. If the fabric is really slippery or considered a pain to sew with, the machine works fine. If, on the other hand, the fabric is considered easy to sew, then my machine hates it. It also seams to go through mood swings. One day it’ll sew every kind of fabric without falter while on other days I cannot sew a thing without the machine going hang wire on my and messing up the all the stitching.

*^_^* It’s a reaally funny, sometimes aggravating, machine. Nevertheless, it’s totally worth it. I wouldn’t change it for a thing. Sew that’s my funny little story.


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As of late I have almost completed the bodice for my Colonial ball gown. It’s really coming along nicely and easily. Perfect for my busy schedule.

Like usual, I forget about some things until close to the last minute. So, to my horror I woke up realizing I have two days till the Jr/Sr Banquet and no dress. ~_~ Now I am ferociously trying to sew my dress while tackling a mound of homework. ~_~ Gotta love brain burbs.

Costumes for Twenty-ten

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     Ok, so as of late I have realized that I need to tone down my enthusiasm for costuming just a little bit.  I need to focus on my studies first, then costuming.  Nevertheless, I made a list of all the costumes I would like to make this year.  Some of the costumes have specific deadlines while others do not.  I have tried to rank the costumes based on importance but like with most things, rank is subject to change.
      The first costume on my list is a custom-made prom dress.  I am using the Simplicity pattern 3878 in view B for my design.  View B is the second one down on the left.  (Just under the long green dress and to the left.)


     The base color is lavender while the loong ribbon is still green.  Small, white flowerets will adorn the right side of the dress, as well as the skirt, in a scattered, lattice-like design.  A small shrug will accompany the dress.  For this, I will be using another Simplicity pattern, number 3921; view F.  (It is the small green one with the ribbon tie under the purple capelette.)
     Like the dress, it will be the same lavender color with a green ribbon for the tie.  It might have white flowerets as well. 
     Next on the list is a 1770s Colonial ball gown.  It has been my dream for a number of years to make a dress from this period, and here I am.  I have already begun this project recently and am using Simplicity pattern number 3723.
     I am using view C as my reference.  (I say reference because I am still using the pattern pieces but not following the design exactly.)  View C is in the bottom left-hand corner.  I chose this design and pattern because it’s soon darn cute!!!  It is also easy to make.  This is a great necessity considering my busy schedule at the present.
      As for coloring, I am using a white, tight weave, non-stretch, unknown fabric with a purple lilac and green leaves textile printed on.  I know that is a mouth-full, but I do not know of a better way to put it.  ^_^  The ginormous description above is the fabric I am using for the bodice, sleeves, and drapes.  The skirt will be a variation of one of the greens found in the leaves of the above fabric while the stomacher/inset and sleeve ruffles will be/are another variation of another green found in the said leaves.  The lace is a creamish off-white and will have a very thin white ribbon running across the top of it.  Sorry if that does not make sense.  Basically, the lace will go down onto the fabric first followed by the little ribbon which will “cut the lace in half” by running atop the lace in a centered manner.  It is hard to describe without pictures.  Anyway, that will be the coloring when it is finished.   
     In addition, I am not adding the zigzagged ribbon across the front of the stomacher/inset.  I like neither the way it looks nor the way it distracts from the overall composition of the gown.  The deadline for this costume is the end of March and before the beginning of April.  I am hoping to wear it to a costume party at that time.
      That said, eventually I would like to make a full-boar 1770s ball gown but not right now.  I even have the pattern picked out!!!  It will be Simplicity number 3637.
     Continuing,  my next costume goes with my previous post.  It is Sophia Forrester’s Vice Captain Uniform.

     It is a dark smokeish gray with white ensembles, black boots, and gray stockings.  The hat contains the same smokish gray and white colors.  There are also a gold hair pin-like clip in back, dark blue and gold hair clips in front, and dainty reading glasses.  This costume, along with at least one other, must be complete by the end of July/beginning of August.  Someday I hope to make Sophia’s coronation gown as well.

     The next in line is one of my costuming dreams, goals, and third/fourth on my challenge list (see “Challenge”).  A homemade Civil War ball gown.  For this project, I will be using Simplicity’s 2881.

     This fine gown has been a dream of mine even before I started sewing.  It was one of the key foundations in my strong passion for learning the art of sewing.  I now feel ready enough to begin planning, sewing, and completing this gown sometime this year.  Since this gown is a long time dream of mine, I have no definite deadline for its completion.  I want it to turn out the best it possibly can and that will take time.

     Now, on to the color scheme.  The main color will be a medium cerulean blue with white, triangular lace for adornment.  The layout of the skirt will be different that the one pictured since my skirt will be tiered.  The tabbed pepla (long triangular pieces descending the skirt) will be non-existent because they would both hinder and ruin the desired design.  As for the rest of the dress (mainly the bodice), it will remain the same unless I choose to tweak the design a little.  The bodice will also be the same medium cerulean blue though I am not sure what to do for the lace, as the lace for the skirt was already attached to the valence curtains.  Nevertheless, I plan to make the gloves and most, if not all, of the under garments as well.  This will include a crinoline (hoop skirt), shift, and possibly a corset and petticoat.

     Refia’s freelance outfit from FFIII is next on my list of to do items.

     A cute design, I think it would be a wonderfully fun piece to add to my costuming collection.  Nevertheless, it will have to go under a few modifications.  The white shirt will be brought to traditional tunic length, mid thigh, and the boots will not be as high, just a few inches above the knees.  I am planning to use craft foam for the gold claps but am still figuring out how to make the beveled designs as accurate as possible.  I already have the leggings, which is a huge plus and one of the main reasons for making the outfit.  I have given this costume the same deadline as the Sophia Forrester costume, which is the end of July/beginning of August.  I hope to wear this costume and the Sophia one to the same event/convention.

     Third to the last project on my list is the costume for which I must include costume armor (challenge specification # 1).

     I absolutely love the composition, coloring, and design of the chosen outfit as well as the character design.  It is a warrior class outfit from FFXI for a Mithra.  Nevertheless, it is an epic costume.  *^_^*

     Another costume I would like to make is Rouge’s green and yellow X-men costume.  This is kind of an optional costume so it doesn’t matter if I get to it or not.

    Unfortunately, this is the best picture I could find for the outfit.  I do NOT like or uphold the attitude or pose of the figurine.  However, this is the only picture I have found, so far, that displays the entire costume with the desired hairstyle.  The hairstyle is the second most important aspect to any costume.  Anyway, this costume will undergo a few modifications to the cut and fit.  Other than that, it will remain accurate.

     My last and final costume on this list is an off-the-cuff idea/original design that I have for a summer shirt.  I do not have any pictures of the design, but I am greatly looking forward to its completion.  This costume does not have a specific completion date as it can be completed with a matter of hours.  Nevertheless, it does fit in accordance with challenge costume # 2.

     This completes the list for costumes I want to make for myself this year.  As always, I am ever vigilant about and desirous of making things for others.  Soooo…I have a list of things I’d like to make for others too.  *^_^*

     I am making a costume for a friend to go with my Sophia Forrester Vice Captain costume.  My friend’s costume will be the second helmsman’s outfit from the Silvana in Last Exile.

     For another friend I am going to make a prom dress and shrug with the same patterns as mine only with different colors.  We are still working on the color scheme at present.  The same friend has also requested that I make her an outfit similar to Brittany Seville‘s from Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel as well as a minstrel costume.  I am also hoping to make a costume for another friend but that is in the extreme beginning stages and might not happen ’till next year.

     That said, I have concluded my list of costumes that I would like to make this year.  I know, it is a huge semi-insane amount of work type of list.  I do not know how many costumes will windup completed and how many will remain on the drawing board, but I have set  goal and made a list of all the things I would like to make this year, without overwhelming myself.  This gives me an idea of where I’d like to go with my costuming, what I would like to do, which to make at/for what time, and how to go about that process.  Throughout the course of this year, these are the costumes I am focusing on and will be reporting on.  Just though I’d give you a heads up.  *_^