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My life just began to get a whole lot busier. Spring break is here, kinda. WOOT!!! And I’m going to need all the time I can squeeze out of a twenty-four hour day (including sleep) and more.

I have two, no three, costumes I have to complete and perfect by Monday. Eek! Spring break hasn’t even officially started, and I’m sewing like a maniac. Actually, I’ve been doing that for about a week, but that’s beside the point. On top of that, I have a ball to go to, friends’ performances to cheer on, and homework. Not to mention I have to figure out my hair for the ball. *_* Eeeeeehghl. *sigh*

I know I’m going to make it, all of the costumes are almost done anyway. I’m just a little worried that the quality won’t be as high as I’d like. *boyscout salute* Make every costume the best it can possibly be. That’s my standard.

About narnianna

Narnianna is a costume and needle artist from the great northwest state of Idaho. She began needle arts in 2002, costuming in 2009, and attending conventions in 2010. Since then, she branched into many venues of costume recreation and design, such as historical, anime, video games, movie, television, and original design in both science fiction/fantasy and historical as well as many avenues of needle arts such as crocheting, knitting, embroidery, and beading. Each project is a work of love and has a unique story behind it. It is here she expounds those stories into tales and thoughts of her experiences in the crafts she loves.

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