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Predicament and Present Success

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So I’ve been working on the Giselle commission for the past week.  I’ve nearly finished the bodice and the underskirt is basted together.  Even the overskirt is awaiting attachment.  Everything was going fine till I tried the skirt on the mannequin.  Turns out the skirt is a wee bit too small in the hips.  >_<  Unfortunately, it’s tight enough to look unsightly.  There’s maybe half and inch of seam allowance to play with.  My face literally hit the desk.  I was sooo disappointed I almost cried.  Instead I thought of ways to remedy this dilemma. 


I’ve come up with a plan.  I’ll call the client, explain the predicament, and set up a time for her to try on the garment.  Hopefully the skirt will fit right.  I’ll also double check the fit of the bodice at the same time.  If the skirt doesn’t fit, I’ll have to redo the hip seams.  Hopefully that won’t be too hard, and I’ll be able to correct my mistake.  I figure that if I take out at least a quarter to a half an inch on the side and back seams, the skirt should turn out fine.  I just have to make sure that I have enough room to make a double seam on the shear fabric. 


Other than the above happening, the dress is coming along beautifully.  Since it is turning out so well, I’ve decided, for the first time, to post progress pictures on my blog.  I really love how the dress is Disney® yet classy, cute yet sophisticated, elegant while charming.  It’s better than I hoped.  Mind you, I just pinned the dress to the mannequin as well as the embellishments.  I haven’t sewn the bodice to the skirt yet, though I hope to soon. 


IMG_1832 IMG_1835 IMG_1839

Costume Update

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Belle’s green dress is nigh complete.  I just have to hem the skirt, fix the sleeves so they stay on my shoulders, poof the upper part of the sleeve, and add a few minor details to the bodice and dress.  I reeeeeeally like how the costume has turned out so far.  For how much I modified the pattern I used, the dress looks wonderful.  I do need to figure out how to keep the sleeves on my shoulders.  I even have a cute hair bow that totally adds to and completes the costume. 


For some reason, the sleeves like to slide half way down my shoulders and just sit there unwilling to move.  This makes the dress look funny and my shoulders look uncharacteristically wide.  I’ve tried a couple different techniques so far but they haven’t completely helped.  Fortunately, I have a few more ideas up my sleeve.  I will keep trying ideas ‘till I get these sleeves perfect.  Even if I have to duck tape them to my arms for photos. 



As for Giselle’s curtain dress, it is coming along beautifully.  So far, it’s my best costume yet!  I wound up modifying the sleeves from the pattern I am using; they turned out perfectly.  I love how this costume is coming together, especially since it’s a first time commission.  I love the chosen color combination.  I especially adore how the little accents bring the costume to life.  Literally! 


The bodice and sleeves are almost done.  I just have to add the top lace and maybe understitch the lining.  I still haven’t decided if I’m going to or not.  The skirt is almost done too!  What I have left is to hem the rest of the skirt, over skirt, and lining; attach the skirt pieces; and attach the lining to the skirt.  Then I sew the bodice to the skirt, add the embellishments (long blue ribbon and pink rosettes), and hand sew the zipper in.  It’s late so I might be forgetting a step but that is roughly what I have left before completion. 


I had no idea that the dress would take sooo long.  It’s been three and a half days, and still it’s not done.  Usually, it takes me between three and eight days to complete an outfit.  That is, of course, not doing anything but sewing for twelve plus hours each day.  The longest it’s taken me to complete a costume was a month.  I was also working on homework every day and going to class full time.  I’m so glad I’ve had this time to sew.  It’s a pleasant break to the monotony of school. 


Anyway, back on topic.  I hope to have the dress complete next week.  I’m aiming for Monday, but I don’t know with homework to catch up on.  I was able to take a small break this week due to the flu season affecting my class schedule.  The break came at the perfect time. 


I just hope I can balance my class work as well my costuming now that school is starting up again.  It’s hard.  Still it is possible.  This is something I hope to master soon, and very soon. 


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I cosplayed for the first time today.  Some friends of mine and I had a Disney costume dinner and I went as Belle.  It was soooooooo fun!!!!!!  I wore Belle’s green dress that she wore in the library in Beauty and the Beast.  Aladdin, Ariel, Barbosa, Little Red Riding Hood, Miney Mouse, Pocahontas, Prince Philip, Tinkerbelle, and a few others were there too.  The party was a blast!!!!  We played games, ate food, and took character pictures.  I had sooooo much fun. 

A Brief Update

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Well, I utilized the task force to help me complete the commission.  So far, things are going wonderfully!  I have all but finished Belle’s green dress.  I just have to complete the hem and make a few minor add-ons like hooks and eyes to the bodice.  I think I will have to finish those adjustments after the costume dinner so I have more time for the commission. 


As for the commission, it is going well and rather smoothly.  I have completed the lining for the bodice and skirt.  The blue part is mostly sewn together too.  It looks so beautiful.  I absolutely adore it!  All of the fabric is cut out.  I will begin work on the underskirt here soon as well.  The bodice is nearly finished.  I just need a few more measurements and a couple of adjustments to the fit before I sew the bodice all together. 


So far, the construction has gone well.  I have not had any major errors but the fitting on the bodice has been a little difficult.  I hope it eases out soon.  The sleeves and skirt are looking perfect though.  Sorry this sounds like a long boring drawn out rant.  There is not much to report on except minor details and difficulties.


Next, I find the purple for a black girlie dress to start on my heretofore secret and hidden Goth passion: the Gown of Gossamer Gloom, once my henchmen return with the black balloons and lollipop.  April Fools!!!!!!!  ^_^

Update for Belle

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My Belle dress is coming along perfectly.  So far I have completed my bodice and cut out all the pieces for the main dress.  I am working on the main part of the dress and have the body almost complete. 

Friday is the deadline for this costume as well as a commission I just received.  Hopefully, if all goes well, I will have Belle’s costume done either before or by Wednesday.  After that, I plan to spend some of Wednesday and all day Thursday and Friday sewing the commission.  I should have both done by then, especially if I can round up my mini workforce to help me.  -_^

First Commission

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Hurrah!!!!!!!!!  I am soooooooo excited.  Just the other day I received my first costume commission!!!!!!  I am making Giselle’s blue dress from Enchanted.  It is a fairly easy costume to make.  Unfortunately, it must be complete by Friday.  I only wish I had more time to perfect it.

For the pattern, I am using McCall’s pattern 6030.  It is a nearly perfect match and will require only a few minor adjustments to the neckline and train.  The bodice and over skirt are going to be a brocade with golden Disneyish designs because the exact fabric wasn’t found.  As for the underskirt, it will be made of three layers of sheer fabric (two white layers with a pink layer underneath) and a white lining to ensure that the under skirt won’t be see through.  On top of that I will have white lace trim, a loooooong sheerish blue ribbon, and (possibly) pink piping.  Pink, blue, and yellow hair ribbons are included.I have all the needed materials except for the piping. 

Seeing as it must be done for Friday, I am focusing on this costume as well as Belle’s green library dress, which must be complete for Friday as well.  I am extremely excited to complete this commission and make it the best I possibly can for the time I have to work on it.   ‘_’

Fabric, Sales, and Good Deals

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Just the other Friday was my birthday.  It’s my big 1-8 so Mom asks me what I want to do for a special birthday treat.  Naturally, my mind starts racing as ideas flood my mind and excitement builds within my veins.  My mind locks on an idea and, with big excited eyes, I practically screamed, “FABRIC STORE!!!!!!!!!!!”  Mom rolled her eyes while she explained that I’d be at the store for far to long, would miss my game night with my friends, and spend far to much money.  Still, she took me anyway, after I promised that I wouldn’t take more than four hours and would spend as little money as possible. 


So we went to the store.  I was cramped horribly for time while my mind whirled with all the new costume possibilities and fabric combinations.  Fortunately, a sale was occurring and everything I wanted was on sale.  I was in total h-e-a-v-e-n.  Frantically, I raced about the store grabbing patterns and fabric and notions.  Meanwhile, the fabric cutting line grew and grew.  There was no way I would make it out of store in time.  Fortunately, Mom knew that too.  By the time I’d finished getting all the necessary materials for the costumes I was working on, the fabric cutting line had backed up half way across the store.  There was maybe a half hour left till my get-together.  I was going to be late.  Still, I persevered through the long cutting line wait and the fabric cutting process.  According to the clock, I was late to my party as I walked to the checkout line.  The line was very short.  I made it out in semi-record time while saving over four hundred dollars.  Woot for fabric and pattern sales!!!!


Luckily, for me, traffic was moving quickly.  I ended up arriving at the game night four minutes after it started.  Everyone else had gotten there late too.  My friends and Mom surprised me by turning the get-together into a mini surprise birthday party, complete with cake and ice cream and pizza.  Everyone had a wonderful time. 


All that was said to say that I now have all the materials to make Belle’s green library dress and Sheeta’s pirate outfit.  Mom surprised me by buying the fabric and notions as my birthday present!!!!  Both costumes are officially in progress now. 


Also, the theme for the costume dinner is Disney® and it is on the 23rd of this month (April).  I am working on Belle’s green dress as I type.  Expect the next few updates to be a bit longer that usual and cram packed with info, especially since I have less time to make Belle’s costume.  As always, thank you for reading and stay tuned to find out what happens next.  *^_^*

It Happened, Again…

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The creative mind never stops. Just when I think, I have my costume list figured out for the year more costumes wiggle their way into my head. It happened again. I added another 3 costumes to my yearly list and another 10 plus to my total list of 80 costumes. *’_’* I really like to sew.

So, adding to the list of my costumes to make for the year are 2 brand new costumes. I just know I’m forgetting one. Like usual, some costumes will have deadlines while other costumes will not.

The first on my list of additions is kinda up in the air. If I make it, it will be for a costume dinner with my graduation class. So far, I do not know what the theme is or when the dinner will be. Therefore, the deadline and production are subject to change. However, who knows, if I windup liking the costume enough, I might just make it for fun.

Anyway, the first costume is none other than Belle’s green dress from Disney ®’s Beauty and the Beast. I still cannot believe I’m considering this costume because it’s a wittle embarwassing. #___# I’ve never really been into the whole princess thing before so, for me, this is a stretch. I’ve nearly always liked pretty dresses and outfits though, so that helps a lot.

Back on subject, Belle’s green dress is a rather obscure outfit. Most people don’t remember it being in the movie. I didn’t remember it either until I read the Wikipeadia article on Belle and the article briefly mentioned the dress.

Her green dress is the one she wears when Beast shows her his library after they ate lunch. I thought the costume very fitting since I love books and reading and libraries (I really love libraries) as well. I also really like the fact that it is the least made of all her costumes. Guess which one is first. -_^

So, without further ado, drum roll please, here is the costume!

I love the color choices. The costume incorporates two tones of my top four favorite colors. The composition is both adorable and modest! Not to mention, it’s just plain cute! The cloak is an added bonus. That said I would now move on to the next costume on my list.

Second on my new list of costumes is Sheeta’s pirate outfit from Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky. I really like the coloring and design of this costume. Pink pants, how über cool is that!

I love how the cool pastels mix nicely with the warm orange belt and red hair band and ties. As for the cut, it is loose and flowy, perfect for windy spring days aboard an air pirate ship. Finally, the entire composition is both fun and appealing, not to mention flattering. The shoes and hair are wonderful added bonuses. It is a necessity for my costuming wardrobe.

All that said, my new costume list is complete. I still can’t figure out what the third costume is, or will be, so that will have to wait for another post. I really like both of the costumes stated thus far. I can’t wait to make them! I’ve even started with the preparations!

As for deadlines, Belle’s green dress and blue cloak must be complete before the graduation costume dinner, which will probably be in April sometime. I’m hoping to wear Sheeta’s pirate outfit to the same convention that I’m wearing Sophia’s vice captain uniform to. The convention is in August, but I plan to have both costumes done in either June or July.

There it is, my new costume list for the summer. I might add a few, no more than three, to my list if I complete the list early. Then I still have outfits to make for others, so I will probably stick to this list of eight. Well, thank you for reading! I hope you stay tuned to find out how I do in my costuming endeavors.

Civil War Update

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It’s done. It’s done. It’s done! *dances around and continues to sing* It’s really, really done.

You guessed it. I finished my costume. Which one? Why the Civil War ball gown of course! It’s really done. After all the sore, bleeding fingers and nail biting hassles, my costume is complete.

The skirt turned out ten times better than I was hoping it would. The tiers look perfect and flow better than I expected. I even survived the hand-sewn waistband without losing all my patience. Moreover, I only had to redo my seams once. I wasn’t paying attention to my work and accidentally sewed the last part of the waistband into a crumpled mess.

The nice thing about this costume is that it took less fabric than I expected. From four ϋber long valence curtains and a little bit of muslin, I have made my entire costume!!!! It’s sooo thrifty. I just love, love, love it!!! The costume cost under twenty dollars for all the needed materials.

It’s finished!!!!

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Sorry for all the delayed updates. Things have been really hectic. Spring break turned out to be spring dash-to-get-everything-done week. Long story.

Despite all the birthday rushing and sale hopping, last Thursday I finished my Colonial ball gown. A friend of mine ended up providing all the lace for my dress as well as a zipper, and she helped me finish my costume as well. Actually, she insisted she finish my costume after I cut out all the pieces for the skirt and nearly finished the drapes. The bodice was already finished. Her finishing my costume was a wonderful blessing and surprise birthday present.

So, the costume looks better than anticipated, especially with all the added lace. There are three kinds of lace on my costume now! Something I never would have expected. It is so much fun to wear, especially with a home-made crinoline. The fabric flows elegantly about my feet and sways perfectly. Even the drape is just as I’d hoped it would be.

That said, the dress is just as I’d hoped for and twice as good. Another costume complete. Only six more costumes to make till my list for the year is complete, or I add more. -_^