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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Since I am a huge Narnia fan and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader is premiering in December, I’m making costumes for some of my friends I to wear to the premiere.  So far there are only two costumes to make, Rumandu’s Daughter and Lucy’s Dawn Treader outfit.  I don’t know if I’ll end up making any more, but I’ll let you know if I do. 

I’m making myself Rumandu’s Daughter’s dress.  So far the pictures that available of her are when she’s transforming into a star.  So she’s all whited out.  I have no idea what her dress’s colors are or even what color her hair is.  I can only guess.  I can make out some of her dress’s construction though.  So I’m combining my own concept of Rumandu’s Daughter’s dress with a very basic idea of the movie version.  I’m not trying to get it screen accurate, I’m just adding my own take to her basic movie concept.

So far I have all the materials for the dress.  It’s going to be gorgeous.  I found this white sparkly fabric for 50% off and a really nice light blue georgette for the same discount.  They were exactly what I envisioned for her dress.  I’m using the white for a formfitting strapless undress and the georgette for a loose parted over dress/ covering.  It’s going to be gorgeous.  I’m also going to make a bracelet though I don’t have the materials for it yet. 

I’ve always imagined Rumandu’s Daughter to be a shining rich blonde.  This mainly comes from the fact that she is heavenly being and most heavenly beings are depicted with blonde hair.  I also think it’s fitting because she’s a star and stars glow a bright white.  I found the perfect wig to use as well.  It’s even at a discounted price!!!  


As for Lucy’s Dawn Treader outfit, I’m making that for my sister.  The pictures for this costume are spectacular!  I nearly know how the entire outfit was constructed as well as what the special designs are.  The Wardrobe Door has plenty of pictures of this costume as well as an in-depth description as to how the costume is made.  Since the description is based on the images present, it is subject to adaption but nonetheless extremely helpful.  The Wardrobe Door is a wonderfully helpful website that has talks about all of the known costumes from the new movie series.  It also features lots of pictures to each costume in question as well as construction details to each.

Back to my project.  I have a quarter to half of the fabric I need to make Lucy’s costume.  I’m using costume suede for the jacket/jerkin.  It’s closest to the color of the jacket/jerkin in the movie and the color looks great.  The fabric was also on sale for 30% off.  I never by fabric that I can’t get a discount for.  I’m going to hand embroider the gold designs on.  The self embroidery works for both a 4-H project and I can get the designs as close as possible to the original design.  I am trying to make this costume screen accurate or at least as screen accurate as I can for what’s available to me. 

I also have the fabric for the breeches as well.  I got a velvet that was the perfect color.  It too was on sale for 50% off.  There are embroidered designs on the breeches as well but I’m going to wait to embroider those on since the design is still too fuzzy to decipher.  I still have to get the fabric for the shirt, boots (yes, I’m making the boots too), jacket/jerkin lining and maybe the add on sleeves to the jerkin.  I’m not sure if I’m going to line the breeches or not yet. 

Here are few of the pictures I’m using as reference for Lucy’s Dawn Treader outfit.

lucy-site2 lucy-15

ltd004 ldt002

All these pictures give me a pretty good idea as to how the costume is constructed, what fabrics are used, and what most of the bells-and-whistles are.  I still have no idea what do for either of her belt or any of her props.  Clothing is easy.  Props are not. 

I’m hoping to get some more people to wear costumes to the premiere.  It would be so cool to have an entire group assembled.  I’ll keep you posted on updates and any changes or additions to plans.  I have to start on Lucy’s jacket/jerkin soon if I’m going to get it done in time.  I’m going to make the Lucy costume first since it requires the most work.  Rumandu’s Daughter is relatively easy to make so I’m not worried about it as much.  The only thing I’m worried about is the time limit.  I only have until December.  Not to mention I have a commission, at least one cosplay, and lots of school work.  I know I’ll get it done even if I have to postpone the cosplay and focus just on the commission and premiere costumes.  As always, thank you for reading and supporting this blog and my costuming endeavors.

New Load of Potential Cosplays

As the school year starts and the con year comes to a close, I’m trying to figure out potential cosplays for the last con of the season, for me, in November and the cons for next season.  So far, three cosplays survived con season one, though some need adjustment. 

My Toph cosplay need to have the belt redone and the over-the-shoulder-thing added to.  Other than that it’s good.  I still need to make the rest of the hibiscus and add more detail to the obi and maybe skirt for my Amano Yuna.  As for Sheeta, I still have to make the headband and hair ties as well as style the wig for the final time. 

As for new cosplays… I’m planning on making Sophia’s Uniform for the con in November.  I will also be wearing my Sheeta again because a) I love it and b) I don’t have time to make a third cosplay.  I will most likely be wearing my Sophia for two days straight unless I decide to wear my Toph or Yuna, though the latter is highly unlikely. 

So far I have a small list of cosplays I’d like to make for the next con year.  I say like to cause I don’t how many I’ll actually get to make because of constrained time and my almost extreme attention to detail.  I need to calm down on the detail obsession a bit. 

Anyway, I’d like to make Toph’s Earth Nation outfit

Toph_by_RobertK   vlcsnap-2010-08-12-01h51m45s69

as well as her nobility dress.

435  437

I’m also hoping to make Kagamine Rin’s Synchronicity dress.  It’s so pretty.  I love how full the skirt is.  I was considering making this cosplay for the upcoming con in November but I don’t think I’ll have the time or funds.

synch5 Rin   vlcsnap-2010-09-01-00h40m03s246

The third cosplay is an easy possibly closet cosplay, Mimi in the epilogue from Digimon season 2.  Her dress is so cute!  I love how it’s country with a city flair.


Fourth on my list is Trance Gemini from Andromeda.  She’s the purple girl.  I want to make her purple leotard from season 1.  Sadly, I don’t have any pictures yet, but I hope to find some soon.  When I do I’ll post them. 

Finally, my last project is Vorfeed from Lost Universe.  Just to clarify Vorfeed is not Canal and Canal is not Vorfeed.  Vorfeed is the ships original AI that Alicia used.  I really like Vorfeed’s outfit only it’ll need some modification before I’ll wear it.  The neckline is waaaaay to low and needs to be brought up.  Also there is a huge side slit that won’t exist when I’m done. 

msVorfeed5   p-canal2

The first picture is from the manga though I’m using the one on the right, from the anime, as my reference.  The skirt will be more like the one on the left, except without the lace, for my version though the rest of the outfit, except for the neckline will be like the image on the right.  I’ve been working on putting this cosplay together the most and have already located a potential wig as well as the dress and cape fabric and the ribbon.  I have no idea whatsoever as to how I’m going to make either the jewels or the poofy feathery-fur that hangs from her cape and shoulders. 

This is my list for now.  It is subject to change or addition.  I’m trying to keep this list manageable while having enough cosplays to last for the next con year.  If all goes well, I might even go to four cons next year.  But who knows what’s really going to happen.  I’m just trying to keep the list manageable while having a nice variety of challenging cosplays.