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Monthly Archives: September 2011

A Little Bit of Progress

School’s been going well.  The first month was really slow so I spent more time watching anime than studying because there was almost no studying assigned to begin with.  It’s started to pick up a bit, but I doubt the work load will be two heavy.  After all I’m only taking a couple classes this semester.

As for cosplay, it’s been going well…ish.  I had gone almost a month without working on any of my projects and now they’re catching up to me along with their deadlines.  As nice as it was to breeze through five or six seasons in two to three weeks, I see now that it would have been better to focus more on cosplaying instead of watching anime.  Oh well, might as well add this to my long list of what-cosplay-has-taught-me, finish your most important assignments first and on time.  I believe the next two weeks will be very difficult.  Because of my little mistake, I’ll be juggling a 2-5 page paper, two vocab and verb tense and usage quizzes, and at least the partial construction of seven cosplays, four of which must be done by this coming Saturday.  Ah, the joys of youth with all it’s chances to learn.  I shall remember this lesson for later.

River Tam Cosplay and Prop

Yes, I will admit it.  I am somewhat of a … ok a major geek.  I was sorting through Firefly (the series not the bug) patterns on Ravelry the other day and I ran across two amazing projects that simply must be done in the next few months.  The first is a nigh perfect replica of the crocheted shrug River wears in “Jaynestown” and “Objects in Space” (reference below) and the second is a Serenity (the ship from the Firefly series) plushie.

I’ve been wanting to cosplay River when I first say the series back in high school before I even knew what cosplay was.  She is such a complex character and her wardrobe is amazing.  I really can’t wait to actually get to cosplay her.  Hopefully, I can get a full group together as well.  That would just make the event even more awesome.


The Serenity plushie is an added bonus I found.  I would love to use it as a prop for River, especially since she pretended to be Serenity in “Objects in Space”.  Both look to be relatively easy projects, though I might have to modify the shrug to fit perfectly.  I’m hoping to get both projects done before the new year at the earliest and by my favorite con in August for sure.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to start these projects soon and post progress pictures as I go.