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A Brief Update

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Well, I utilized the task force to help me complete the commission.  So far, things are going wonderfully!  I have all but finished Belle‚Äôs green dress.  I just have to complete the hem and make a few minor add-ons like hooks and eyes to the bodice.  I think I will have to finish those adjustments after the costume dinner so I have more time for the commission. 


As for the commission, it is going well and rather smoothly.  I have completed the lining for the bodice and skirt.  The blue part is mostly sewn together too.  It looks so beautiful.  I absolutely adore it!  All of the fabric is cut out.  I will begin work on the underskirt here soon as well.  The bodice is nearly finished.  I just need a few more measurements and a couple of adjustments to the fit before I sew the bodice all together. 


So far, the construction has gone well.  I have not had any major errors but the fitting on the bodice has been a little difficult.  I hope it eases out soon.  The sleeves and skirt are looking perfect though.  Sorry this sounds like a long boring drawn out rant.  There is not much to report on except minor details and difficulties.


Next, I find the purple for a black girlie dress to start on my heretofore secret and hidden Goth passion: the Gown of Gossamer Gloom, once my henchmen return with the black balloons and lollipop.  April Fools!!!!!!!  ^_^