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Con Day 3

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Today was amazingly fun and awesome!!!!  I still worked at the help desk though I had the most free time today than any other day because of my two previous days of hard work and ‘cause of my cosplay.  I almost couldn’t stand still the entire day because of it all. 

So I woke up today with a bug in my ear and the realization that I didn’t have my cosplay for today done. So I sauntered to my sewing room half asleep to see what I had left to do.  It was then I realized that I had sewn one piece of my cosplay backwards and the wig wasn’t styled.  I was devastated.  I though only had to style the wig not fix my cosplay as well. 

So I gathered my sewing stuff and got into my Sheeta cosplay.  I decided to wear that one because both Sheeta and my cosplay for today had wigs and Sheeta didn’t require much makeup.  I was ready long before my ride showed up and was able to get a head start on fixing my cosplay. 

Once at the con, I helped set up and took my station at the help desk.  I went to a few things but spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon making and fixing my cosplay.  At late morning to early afternoon, I decided to style the wig and wear what I could of the nearly complete cosplay.  I tried styling the wig via my idea (see post) but the wig was too long and I didn’t have enough time for that idea to work.  So I went to the artist alley and asked a cosplayer that I’d met before if she would help me quickly style the wig.  She agreed and the wig was styled in a few minutes.   Once that the wig was done, I gathered the completed pieces of the cosplay and changed into my new cosplay.  I wore it around a bit but quickly returned to my station to finish the cosplay.  After a few more hours and a really quick attempt at cutting out the last piece, my cosplay was done.  I wasn’t satisfied with the last two pieces but I was happy to be able to wear what I had. 

After that, I was all over the place having a lot of fun on the last day of the con.  I got to get a photo shoot of my cosplay as well as have a fun cross over shoot with Indiana Jones.  It was a blast!!!  The photographer was awesome and almost died from a fandom heart attack.  Of course, I traversed the con in character.  That was the most fun.  My favorite memory of the day was when a guy asked me for a high-five cause he thought my cosplay was awesome.  Instead of a high-five, I gave him a punch in the arm that almost knocked him off his feet cause he wasn’t expecting it.  He laughed really hard and I continued down the hall smiling to myself.

Later, my friend and I went to Burger King to get some food.  It was really fun to see people’s reaction to my cosplay.  Some nearly jumped up and down with excitement while other stared wondering who I was and what I was doing. 

The con finished off pretty uneventfully.  I got lots of picture requests and got to see lots of happy faces.  I love to see people light up with joy because they see their favorite character cosplayed.  I got to play a bit of an RPG which both a new and fun experience.  At the end of the day, I went home totally exhausted and in a blissful state. 

Ok, I kept it a secret long enough.  My cosplay for the day was Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender.  I made her Fire Nation disguise.  She was so much fun to cosplay!!!!  She’s by far my favorite character to cosplay so far.  I can’t wait to fix up her outfit and wear it next year.  I want to get it as accurate as possible and enter it in the costume contest/masquerade.