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Prom Dresses

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Now that my bout with historical costumes is over, for me anyway, I am switching over to prom dresses.  The epitome of girlyness and fashion.  Why girls make such a big deal over these dresses I will never fully realize.  Nevertheless, they are a blast to make, especially when delighted eyes meet mine as I had over the finished creation. 

As of now, I am working on two prom dresses.  I’m still trying to start the ball gowns for my mom and sister, but their dresses don’t fit into this category.  Still, as I was saying, I have two prom dresses in the making.  One is a just-for-fun project while the other is for the Joann’s “Own Your Look” prom dress contest as well as for my spring dance.  Yes, it’s a bit late in the year, but fun nonetheless.  I really hope I can win, or at least place in the contest.  The college money would be extremely helpful.