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Wonderful Find

I was watching Aria the Natural, sequel to Aria the Animation, and I made the most wonderful find!!!  The summer uniform’s under dress is a strapless dress like I had originally guessed!!!  Now I’m not trying be conceited, I’m just really happy that my cosplay is more authentic.  I’m a stickler for details so the closer the cosplay is to the original design, the happier I am with it. 

From the picture, the under dress looks to be a strapless dress with a back zipper and frontal darts.  The small gap at the back of the dress shows the zipper.  I also found out that the the fuku has a small zipper on the left side.   You have to look closely, but you can see the small zipper closure.  I also found a picture that shows how full the bottom of the dress is. 



I hope these pictures help anyone who wants to make an Aria cosplay.  The general design and fullness can be applied to all the summer uniforms.  You may use any of the screenshots I put on my blog so long as you credit the show and its producers.  If you want to credit me for the screenshots go ahead, jut remember that I don’t own the rights to Aria, its artwork, or any of the characters.