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Less than a Week

It’s less than a week to the US Voyage of the Dawn Treader premiere, and I still have a lot to do.  I have all the fabric for the main parts of both Lucy’s Dawn Treader outfit and Susan’s Narnia dress.  I just have to finish all the sewing right now and get the fabric for Lucy’s boots and Susan’s belt. 

So far Susan’s dress is nearly finished.  I completely modified one of the fantasy Simplicity patterns (i don’t know the exact number right now) to make this dress.  It has turned out wonderful so far!!!  The pleats are perfect and I even added my out personal twist with the pleats to Susan’s original design.  It looks so pretty!  The fabric I chose is perfect too.  I have no idea what type of fabric it is because I got it from the clearance section and didn’t think to check the tag for reference.  That’s what you get for having a thirteen minute time limit in the fabric store.  Anyway, the fabric works perfectly.  It has a one way stretch that totally came in handy when I had to fit the dress to me better. 

To finish Susan’s dress I just have to make the collar and embroider it.  I’m using a pattern for the collar so I just have to wing it and see what happens.  I hope it turns out right.  I only have enough to make one collar.  Stupid fund limitations.

As for embroidery, there is no possible way I can get the collar and the other two thirds of the jerkin done in time.  I would have to be The Flash in order for that to happen.  So I’m setting for the next best thing, no embroidery on the collar.  ;_;  I might add the embroidery later, but I kinda doubt it.  The jerkin, on the other hand, is another matter.  I have between one third to one half of the jerkin done.  I did not expect the embroidery to take so long neither did I expect to lose nearly all of my embroidery supplies nor get swamped with a ton of homework before Thanksgiving break.  It’s supposed to be a break right.  So due to my lack of diligence and planning skills, I have to cut a few corners if I want the jerkin to be fairly done in time.  I have a feeling I’ll be sewing every spare and waking minute of this next week in and out of class.  Prepare for a very weak, “yay”.  I’m not looking forward to this.  But I’ll endure anyway. 

The other parts of Lucy’s costume are going well.  I have the pants and the cape done so far.  I still need to make the shirt, which I now have fabric for, and make those darn boots once I find the right fabric.  I really hope the fabric fairy leaves me some material under my pillow this week for good behavior. 

In other news, I have most of my costumes for next year planned out (see next post).  I’m also, finally, making a dress for my mom.  Ok, so it’s more like a full-fledged renaissance outfit, but it’s still a dress.  So far most of the fabric is purchased.  We just have to get the chemise fabric and the coordinating fabric for the opposite side of the bodice.  I almost have the skirt done.  I just have to finish the back closure and the hem.  I want to get all the pieces done by Christmas time so I can surprise mom with them being her presents. 

Other than the above, my sewing has been pretty dull.  School for this year is winding to a close so I hope I can get a lot of sewing done over the break.  I’m hoping to get at least three to four costumes done as well as finish my sister’s Lucy costume and my mom’s renaissance outfit.  It should be blast, a very busy almost stressful blast but a blast nonetheless.  I’m also hoping to get some photo shoots soon too.  I’ve gotten one of Belle’s green dress so far, but I hope to get others like Yuna and some of the other costumes I’m working/will be working on.  But you’ll have to wait till the next post to see what the new costumes are.  ^_^ 

Thank you for reading and be sure to tune in next time to discover what else is happening in my crazy world of costuming and fabric stacks.  You’re a great audience! 

More Historical Costumes

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Just when I thought I had finished all my historical costumes for the year more show up.  This time they aren’t for me though.  Recently, I found out that the family ball I go to has a theme for this year.  It is the 19th Century.  Naturally, since my Mom and sister are going, they want costumes for the ball.  Fortunately, I already have two 19th century costumes and am not interested in making another for the ball. 

My sister wants hers to be more modern with a historical flair.  This will be easier considering I already have a few patterns and a decent amount of fabric preplanned for a 19th century gown for her.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t totally like the colors or the fabric.  Soooooo, I’ll have to rethink the plan.  Funny thing is, she liked the fabrics when I first got them.  It is interesting how tastes change.

My mom still hasn’t decided on a pattern, color scheme, or style for her costume.   I’m hoping to incorporate some rich, jewel colors in her costume.  Time is running short so I hope she makes her mind up soon! 

Other than that, I have no other historical costumes I’d like to make this year.  Thank goodness!  If I did I wouldn’t be able to make my other cosplay endeavors.  I’m hoping to get to them soon, especially as school comes to a close.

Civil War Update

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It’s done. It’s done. It’s done! *dances around and continues to sing* It’s really, really done.

You guessed it. I finished my costume. Which one? Why the Civil War ball gown of course! It’s really done. After all the sore, bleeding fingers and nail biting hassles, my costume is complete.

The skirt turned out ten times better than I was hoping it would. The tiers look perfect and flow better than I expected. I even survived the hand-sewn waistband without losing all my patience. Moreover, I only had to redo my seams once. I wasn’t paying attention to my work and accidentally sewed the last part of the waistband into a crumpled mess.

The nice thing about this costume is that it took less fabric than I expected. From four ϋber long valence curtains and a little bit of muslin, I have made my entire costume!!!! It’s sooo thrifty. I just love, love, love it!!! The costume cost under twenty dollars for all the needed materials.

It’s finished!!!!

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Sorry for all the delayed updates. Things have been really hectic. Spring break turned out to be spring dash-to-get-everything-done week. Long story.

Despite all the birthday rushing and sale hopping, last Thursday I finished my Colonial ball gown. A friend of mine ended up providing all the lace for my dress as well as a zipper, and she helped me finish my costume as well. Actually, she insisted she finish my costume after I cut out all the pieces for the skirt and nearly finished the drapes. The bodice was already finished. Her finishing my costume was a wonderful blessing and surprise birthday present.

So, the costume looks better than anticipated, especially with all the added lace. There are three kinds of lace on my costume now! Something I never would have expected. It is so much fun to wear, especially with a home-made crinoline. The fabric flows elegantly about my feet and sways perfectly. Even the drape is just as I’d hoped it would be.

That said, the dress is just as I’d hoped for and twice as good. Another costume complete. Only six more costumes to make till my list for the year is complete, or I add more. -_^


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So, as usual, I have more than three projects going on at the same time. I am making my Civil War ball gown, colonial ball gown, prom dress, and arranging to make another Civil War ball gown and the two costume for the convention. Wow, am I busy. On top of that I have college, graduation, clubs, committees, and life. *^_^* Oh, well. It’s worth it. Especially with spring and summer break so near.


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As of late I have almost completed the bodice for my Colonial ball gown. It’s really coming along nicely and easily. Perfect for my busy schedule.

Like usual, I forget about some things until close to the last minute. So, to my horror I woke up realizing I have two days till the Jr/Sr Banquet and no dress. ~_~ Now I am ferociously trying to sew my dress while tackling a mound of homework. ~_~ Gotta love brain burbs.

Happy Day

Just the other day, I was at a second hand store dropping off some old clothing. Naturally I looked around to see if there was anything I might like or have use for. That’s when I stumbled upon it. The awesomest thing I ever did see. Uber long valence curtains. It was amazing. There were between 3-6 of them and it was $3 for the lot. I was in heaven. I know, what on earth do I find so exciting about valence curtains? Only this, they were the perfect color and design to make a tiered Civil War ball gown!!! Everything was accurate, even down to the lace fringe!!! Naturally, I bought them. I also scored enough material to make a Colonial skirt, sleeves, and stomacher for $2!!! But my really happy note is that I’ve wanted to make a Civil War ball gown (including hoop skirt) even before I started sewing!!! Now I just need a few more yards of fabric for the bodice, thread, and maybe a few accessories, and I can make the dress!! I just need to figure out if this costume will be costume #3 or costume #4 (see previous post). Other than that, I’m game. *^p^*