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It’s finished!!!!

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Sorry for all the delayed updates. Things have been really hectic. Spring break turned out to be spring dash-to-get-everything-done week. Long story.

Despite all the birthday rushing and sale hopping, last Thursday I finished my Colonial ball gown. A friend of mine ended up providing all the lace for my dress as well as a zipper, and she helped me finish my costume as well. Actually, she insisted she finish my costume after I cut out all the pieces for the skirt and nearly finished the drapes. The bodice was already finished. Her finishing my costume was a wonderful blessing and surprise birthday present.

So, the costume looks better than anticipated, especially with all the added lace. There are three kinds of lace on my costume now! Something I never would have expected. It is so much fun to wear, especially with a home-made crinoline. The fabric flows elegantly about my feet and sways perfectly. Even the drape is just as I’d hoped it would be.

That said, the dress is just as I’d hoped for and twice as good. Another costume complete. Only six more costumes to make till my list for the year is complete, or I add more. -_^


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So, as usual, I have more than three projects going on at the same time. I am making my Civil War ball gown, colonial ball gown, prom dress, and arranging to make another Civil War ball gown and the two costume for the convention. Wow, am I busy. On top of that I have college, graduation, clubs, committees, and life. *^_^* Oh, well. It’s worth it. Especially with spring and summer break so near.


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As of late I have almost completed the bodice for my Colonial ball gown. It’s really coming along nicely and easily. Perfect for my busy schedule.

Like usual, I forget about some things until close to the last minute. So, to my horror I woke up realizing I have two days till the Jr/Sr Banquet and no dress. ~_~ Now I am ferociously trying to sew my dress while tackling a mound of homework. ~_~ Gotta love brain burbs.