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More Historical Costumes

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Just when I thought I had finished all my historical costumes for the year more show up.  This time they aren’t for me though.  Recently, I found out that the family ball I go to has a theme for this year.  It is the 19th Century.  Naturally, since my Mom and sister are going, they want costumes for the ball.  Fortunately, I already have two 19th century costumes and am not interested in making another for the ball. 

My sister wants hers to be more modern with a historical flair.  This will be easier considering I already have a few patterns and a decent amount of fabric preplanned for a 19th century gown for her.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t totally like the colors or the fabric.  Soooooo, I’ll have to rethink the plan.  Funny thing is, she liked the fabrics when I first got them.  It is interesting how tastes change.

My mom still hasn’t decided on a pattern, color scheme, or style for her costume.   I’m hoping to incorporate some rich, jewel colors in her costume.  Time is running short so I hope she makes her mind up soon! 

Other than that, I have no other historical costumes I’d like to make this year.  Thank goodness!  If I did I wouldn’t be able to make my other cosplay endeavors.  I’m hoping to get to them soon, especially as school comes to a close.