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Updated Cosplay List – March 2011

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As I’ve said before and we all know, I change my cosplay list nigh constantly depending on finances and circumstances.  This year is the year of the cosplay for me.  I’m trying to get as many cosplays done and or gathered before I go off to college fulltime next fall (fall 2012).  I’m using the time I have left to make sure that I’ll have backup cosplays to fall on so I won’t have to worry about it as much next year.  I’m also just trying to enjoy life before I have to completely become an adult.  The transition from child/teen to adult is a new, difficult, scary, and challenging one, but it is worth every moment as well.  I can’t wait to be fully on my own and self supporting. 

Back on topic, I’m trying to get as many cosplays done and/or planned this year as possible.  I still have another school year to make and/or gather cosplays, but I’m trying to get as much done this year as possible, especially since I’m planning to go to two new cons this year.  I’m so excited!  I’ve gotten most of my cosplays figured out so far, but I’ve added a few new ones to my list as well.  I might buy some of the new cosplays to save on cost, time, and other expenses, but overall I’d like to make as many as possible.  Just because I bought the cosplay doesn’t mean I won’t wear it with pride or be less of a cosplayer, it just means that I’ll have more time and funds to channel at the cosplays that I really want to work on and enter into contests.  I won’t enter a bought cosplay unless it’s for a skit because that wouldn’t be far to the other contestants or to myself.  I’d be cheating, and I wouldn’t feel right about it. 

To recap, my cosplay list for this year so far is:

Akari Mizunashi from ARIA the Animation (Summer Uniform)
Vorfeed from Lost Universe
Maria Ross from Fullmetal Alchemist (State Military Uniform)
Sophia Forrester from Last Exile (Silvana Uniform)
Sango from Inuyasha (Slayer Uniform)
Meliara from Court Duel (Original Design Purple Gown)

I was thinking of changing Meliara to Nee, another character from Court Duel by Sherwood Smith, but I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll actually do that yet.  As you can see, I’m making a lot of uniforms this year.  I guess this is kinda the year of the uniform as well as the year of the cosplay.  It’s the year of the cosplay uniform! 

Here are a few recap pictures for my present cosplay list.  The pictures follow the order laid out in the list from left to right.  [Akari, Vorfeed, Maria, Sophia, Sango, sorry no picture of Meliara.]

Akari Mizunashi p-canal2

 Maria Ross 2

Sophia_fullbody Sango_with_Boomerang

I’ve added to the original list quite a bit since January, but I won’t include all the additions since I don’t know how many will actually happen, but then I don’t even fully know that for the original list either.  Anyway, I’ll include the additions that I actually have or can easily get the materials for first.  The lower on the list the cosplay is the less likely it will happen.  As such, here’s the new list. 

Temari from Naruto Shippuden (Time Skip Kimono)
Rapunzel from Tangeled (ending spoiler -_^)
Yui, Megumi, and or Mio from K-On!! (School Uniform – Both winter and summer versions)
Susan from Prince Caspian (Red Battle Dress with Corset and Chain Mail)
Aerith from Final Fantasy Advent Children
Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender (Earth Kingdom Outfit)
Nausicca from Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind (Ending Outfit)
Nagisa, Kotomi, and or Tomoyo from Clannad (School Uniform – Summer and/or winter)
Euphemia and/or Shirley from Code Geass (No Specific Version Yet)
Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (School Uniform with long hair)

There were a few more I wanted to add, but I moved them to next year’s list.  So far, I almost have the Temari cosplay.  I’m going to buy it from another cosplayer.  I want to make the Rapunzel cosplay for my birthday in 10 days.  I’ve picked out most of the fabric, but I still have to get it and the money to buy it.  The K-On!! cosplays are still on the back burner though I might have the jacket fabric already.  The Susan Cosplay is part of 4-H and will be finished this year.  Aerith is a maybe for later this year once my hair grows out longer, although I could use hair extensions.  Toph is on the back burner as well.  I want to finish her Fire Nation outfit before I start on her Earth Nation outfit.  Nausicca might be another 4-H project.  Clannad is a maybe.  Code Geass is just an idea I’ve been toying with for a while.  I love both the characters so cosplays are inevitable I just can’t decide on a specific version to cosplay for either characters.  Haruhi is also a maybe and, if done, will mostly serve as a last resort/back up cosplay for if everything falls through.  I found a good deal on premade Haruhi cosplay and I’ve been told that I look like her so that’s why I’m thinking about the cosplay. 

Here are some pictures of the newest additions.  The pictures follow the order laid out in the list from left to right.  [Temari, Rapunzel (her hair would be different), Yui, Megumi, Mio, Susan, Aerith, Toph, Nausicca, Nagisa, Kotomi, Tomoyo, Euphemia, Shirley, Haruhi (yes, I’d do the funky hairstyles per day too).]

Temari Shippuden - Time Skip rapunzel-tangled-pascal1 K-On! - Yui

vlcsnap-2011-03-02-01h26m39s201 K-On! - Mio suredhighlight2

aeris vlcsnap-2011-01-10-02h27m02s85

nausicaa and teto   040  052

056 Euphemia (2) 359965

haruhi1  haruhi2

I still have a few cosplays that I need to finish.  They are as follows:

Yuna from Final Fantasy 10 (Amano Artwork Interpretation)
Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender (Fire Nation Disguise)
Sheeta from Castle in the Sky (Pirate Uniform)
Susan from Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Narnian Trailer Dress)

My Yuna cosplay still needs to be finished.  It’s been over two years, and it’s still not done!  Luckily I don’t have a lot left to do.  I have to finish the hibiscus and ties, remake the skirt (I want it to be fuller), add the ties to the sleeves, make a staff, and that’s about it.  I also have to find or make her earrings too.  Toph just needs a bit of work.  I have to remake the belt thing, line the over-the-shoulder thing and add the back button, fix the bracers, restyle the wig, and make the crown.  I might make her shoes too, but I’m not sure yet.  Sheeta’s wig still isn’t done cause I haven’t gotten around to styling the bangs.  I also have to make her headband and hair ties, and fix the belt as well as find a pair of brown flats.  Susan is the almost done.  I just have to hem the dress and remake the collar.  I might embroider the collar too if I get the time/chance. 

I have pictures for the yet-to-be-finished cosplays as well.  They are as follows.  The pictures follow the order laid out in the list from left to right.  [Yuna, Toph, Sheeta, Susan.]

Amano_Yuna2 omg-3x07copycat2b

Sheeta3 susan vdt

That pretty much concludes all I was going to say.  I might add a few more cosplays or change out some of the possible cosplays as the year goes through, but I want to save some cosplays for next year even though I’d like to have ten new cosplays this year so I can wear a new cosplay each day of the cons I plan to go to.  I also have a tradition of making a new costume for my birthday, and I might make something for any fun events I go to.  I’m trying to keep the list reasonable while thinking ahead, especially as I plan to go to new cons.  After all, it is my goal to go to one new con each year until I run out of cons or get too old which I don’t think will happen for quite a while. 

As always thank you for reading.  The page views and comments mean a lot to me.  ^_^  I hope to talk to you soon! 

To the eternal glory of God.


A New Anime to Fall In Love With

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Despite having massive amounts of homework this week, I was able to finish watching K-On!.  It’s a fairly new anime that I stumbled across when strolling around the forums.  At first I was unsure of it, but as time went on it grew on me.

K-On! is the story of four high school girls who revive the near disbanded Light Music Club at their school.  The first season of the anime follows the beginning of the girl’s high school career and friendship as they start a band named After School Tea Time, become acquainted with high school, and gain a new club and band member.  It’s a cute upbeat anime that is a great stress reliever amid cramming for tests and school assignments.


At the beginning of the show there are four members in the Light Music (keion) Club.  Yui is the spacey, upbeat guitarist who is obsessed with sweets and snacks.  Mio is the quiet, shy bassist who is easily scared and acts as the mother of the group.  Tsumugi, or Mugi, is the kind, girly pianist who finds everything about normal life exciting.  Ritsu is the energetic, quick mouthed drummer who often teases Mio and is the self proclaimed president of the club.  There are quite a few secondary characters as well as a fifth member of the club introduced half way through the season.  Azusa aka Azunyan, the fifth member, joins the club as a secondary guitarist.  She is the youngest member of the club and has a no-nonsense attitude but loves to have fun.  Sawako is a major minor character so I’ll mention her as well.  She is the Light Music Club’s supervisor with a devious personality hidden under her sweet façade.  Ui and Nodoka are two other major minor characters.  Ui is Yui’s responsible younger sister who looks after Yui like an older sister.  She also loves to cook.  Nodoka is Yui’s childhood friend on the student counsel who helps the Light Music Club at times.  That’s all I’ll add for characters. 


Of the five main characters Yui (third from the left) is my favorite character followed by Mio (second from the right), Ritsu (middle), Azusa (second from the left), and Mugi (far right).  Sawako is on the far left.  I like all the characters, but I can identify with Yui the most which makes her my favorite.  She is such a funny character and a lot of her mistakes are mistakes I’ve experienced as well.  Like the time I left my instrument at home on my way to music lessons or the time I forgot my lines for the school play because I was too busy studying for a biology test and had to relearn my whole script.  We both can be very spacey as well and we have responsible younger sisters that help take care of us. 

Even though I can’t identify with Mio as much as Yui, she’s my second favorite character.  We are both shy, don’t like to waste time though we like to relax at times, get good grades in school, and don’t like scary stories (suspense is fine, scary is not).  I can identify with Sawako (far left) as well.  We are both obsessed with making cute costumes and dressing others up.  I’m not as extreme as Sawako when it comes to making others wear the costumes I make.  I’m also not as devious nor do I wear a sweet façade to hide a hardcore past.

On to my favorite part, the costumes.  I love the oufits in K-On! especially the girl’s uniforms and performance costumes.  The school uniforms are so cute and the performance costumes are adorable.  I’d love to make a lot of the outfits found in K-On! not just for myself, but for others as well.  I’m currently trying to get my sister to dress up as Ui or Azusa while trying to find a group to cosplay with.  I really want to cosplay Yui and Mio as well as Megumi.  You don’t meet Megumi till the second season, but she makes a brief appearance or two in the first season.  She’s the student counsel president. 

Yui is the character that I want to cosplay most so naturally I’ve picked a lot of her outfits that I want to make.  I really want to make her school uniforms (both summer and winter), as well as her first performance outfit, Fuwa Fuwa Time outfit, Don’t Say Lazy outfit, second performance yukata (original and warm version), and pink bathing suit (which I would only wear for swimming).  I also want to cosplay her in a few of the outfits Sawako made in episode 9 as well as the waitress outfit and maybe a few others from episode 12.  I’ll post pictures of the outfits next. 


Winter Uniform

vlcsnap-2011-03-15-05h26m49s71Summer Uniform Variant 1 


Summer Uniform Variant 2


First Performance Outfit


“Fuwa Fuwa Time” Outfit


“Don’t Say Lazy” Outfit


Second Performance Yukata Original Version


Second Performance Yukata Warm Version

(the only difference is the fluff on the sleeves and collar)


Pink Bathing Suit

I want to make quite a few of Mio’s outfits too.  So far I want to make her school uniforms (summer and winter), second performance yukata (original and warm version), New Year’s kimono, blue bathing suit (again only for swimming), maid outfit (I want to make this for Yui too) as well as some of the extra costumes Sawako made.  I had also thought of making her first performance outfit and Fuwa Fuwa Time outfit, but I’m not sure yet.  Time for pictures!


Winter Uniform

vlcsnap-2011-02-15-04h08m46s92 Summer Uniform


Second Performance Yukata

Mio New Year's Kimono

New Year’s Kimono


Blue Bathing Suit


Maid Outfit


First Performance Outfit


“Fuwa Fuwa Time” Outfit

Here are the extra costumes.  They could be used for either Yui or Mio so I’m putting them in their own place.  They could also be used for the other members of the band.




vlcsnap-2011-02-16-01h18m49s157  vlcsnap-2011-02-16-01h19m05s65 

vlcsnap-2011-02-16-01h19m11s118   vlcsnap-2011-03-15-04h45m23s36

There are a lot of other outfits that I like from the second season (K-On!!) that I like as well.  I’m not done watching the second season yet so I’ll wait to post those outfits and my review.  I want to keep all the second season outfits together and distinct from the first season for filing purposes.  It’s easier to find and reference that way. 

To conclude, K-On! is an awesome show.  It was really fun to watch and very heartwarming.  The lack of a plot was a bit annoying at first, but it grew on me quickly.  I hope you found this review and these pictures helpful.  I’ll post more detailed costume studies later.  Right now I have to get ready for school and finish studying for my test on Wednesday.  Thank you for reading.   It means so much to me.  Please comment if you like this or any of my posts or have anything to add or correct.  See you after Wednesday!