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New Project to be Finished by August

Recently, I watched the anime Last Exile. Not only is it an epic story set in a semi steam punk world, but it has some awesome costumes. So, of course, I am adding another costume to my list. This time I’m making one not only for myself, but another variation for a friend of mine. I must have these costumes done by August for a convention (and costume contest) that we are going to. 🐱 I’m really excited, especially since this will be my first time making a costume for both myself and another person.

 Sophia Forrester, Vice Captain of the Silvana

This will be my costume.

Second Helmsman of the Silvana

This is the costume for my friend.
I might make an additional costume for another friend of mine, but right now that’s up in the air.  Either this is the costume it would be…
Alvis Hamilton, Special Guest on the Silvana

or this one.

Alvis Hamilton, Guild Costume


So far the second Alvis costume is more popular, with my friend, than the first.  I just have to add a few slight modifications, and she’s good to go.