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The Wigs Have Arrived

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As the title suggests, my wigs came in the mail today.  They are all so gorgeous.  I love them all.  My order included four wigs, a pair of wig trimming scissors, a pair of wig thinning scissors, and a small container of styling wax.  Everything arrived safely and on time except for the wax which is apparently still in China since Fantasy Sheep didn’t ship it with the rest of the items.  >_<  Now mind you, I didn’t get all my items from Fantasy Sheep due to many negative reviews on the color and tanglability of the wigs.  I just bought the scissors and wax from Fantasy Sheep, and so far I’m happy with the scissors though I have yet to put them to work and test the true quality, as best as one can get for China made steel wig sheers.  I will let you know what I think of the scissors in a different post. 

Back to the subject of wigs, I bought two wigs from C.C. Kids and two from another Taobao wig store,whose name I don’t know off the top of my head.  I love the two wigs from C.C. Kids (short brown wig and specialized Akari wig).  The fibers are really soft and the colors are perfect and very close to the advertized images.  I am very pleased with the quality of their wigs and plan to purchase from C.C. Kids again in the future. 

The other two wigs I bought from the other Taobao store (a long, blonde wig and a long, pink, curly wig) were just as nice as the C.C. Kids wigs and just as smooth.  The pink, curly wig is stunning and perfect for Luka.  My only worry is that I’ll have a hard time managing it since it is so curly.  As for the blonde wig, it is the perfect color and very smooth.  My only issue with this wig is that it is a bit thin fiber wise for making Temari’s hairstyle without too much issue.  Nevertheless, the wig is still very nice and not noticeably thin (it’s only a bit thin if you plan to use it for a pony tale style) as well as very easy to manage.  I plan to get another of the same wig in the future to use for Tear if I don’t end up getting a new wig for Temari and use this one for Tear. 

Sadly, I don’t have pictures to share as I still do not know where my camera or SD card is.  I will try to get pictures by the end of the week, but I can’t promise anything.  If I can get pictures I’ll post them to my DeviantArt account (link in side bar).  That pretty much sums up all I was going to same about the wigs.  If you want to know the name/url of the other Taobao store I mentioned just message me or leave a comment and I will let you know.  As always, thank you for reading and have a good day and an even better week.