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Finally, A Progress Update

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An hour of sketching the other day finalized my design for Amano Aerith.  I loosely based my design off these two images.

I am really happy with the way my design turned out and can’t wait to start working on it.  Pink, white, red, and possibly gold are the color scheme.  The design is very pretty and elegant almost like something  princess would wear.  I think I have most of the fabric for it in my fabric bin, but I will wait till tomorrow to dig it out since I have other projects I need to finish first.
Speaking of which, the beading for my Amano Yuna obi belt is going really well.  I found that beading four to five seed beads at a time produces a nice result and doesn’t take as long as the painstaking process of beading each individual bead.  I cannot wait to see the finished result.  I took a quick picture of my progress.  I am so happy with how it looks.


Influx of Amano Based Cosplays

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The Amano bug has caught me again.  I currently have at least three, possibly four or five, Amano cosplays either planned or in progress.  I’ll be redoing my Amano Yuna to look more like these artwork pieces.

I’m using a darker color scheme for her, mostly blues and blacks and silvers, to play off her name meaning moon.  In addition, I’m using a flowy design to match the above artwork and logo for Final Fantasy X, and I’ll be incorporating numerous hibiscus motifs in the design as well.  I might post a picture of the design later.  I’m really excited to start working on her.  So far I have most of the beads as well as the shirt and materials for the skirt and trims.  I’m so excited!!!

Another Amano cosplay I have in the works is Young Rydia.  I’m really excited to cosplay the little summoner from Final Fantasy 4 as she is a longtime favorite of mine.  I’m using a number of references for her design (see below) as I have yet to draw a final design of my own.  I feel like I’m a kid in a candy store who is constantly pulling wants of the selves to add to the looming pile of candy within the cart when it comes to this cosplay.  I just can’t decide on a final design because I keep adding to the concept in my head.  If I finalize a design, I’ll post it along with my Yuna design (and subsequent amano based designs) if I get the nerve to post my designs online.  Until then here are the references I’m using.

Back to cosplay…I’m using a variety of fun colors intermixed with earthier tones to add a youthful yet refined feel to her design while keeping with the overall feel that she is from a place called Mist.  The colors range from deep purple to bright pink to subtle orange and gold with a wide range of intermixed greens.  I have most of the fabrics and beads in possession with the wig on the way.  The only major pieces of the cosplay I’m yet missing are the shoes.  I have yet to find a pair that fit my ideal concept and may resort to making the desired pair if one is not found.

Third on my rather quickly increasing list is Serah Farron from Final Fantasy XIII.  She is my favorite character from FF XIII and one of my favorite FF characters.  I’m doing an Amano version of her because I love the piece Amano did of Snow and her watching the fireworks.

I don’t have a sketch of my design for her yet, but I know the color scheme.  I often have colors worked out before designs.  I’m using a slightly different palette from her original design, pinks and blues and whites, maybe a red, instead of whites and pinks and reds and blacks.  The design on the other hand is going to be quite different while recognizable.  I’ll post more on her as the costume progresses.

The final two cosplays on my current Amano list are Porom from Final Fantasy IV and possibly Aerith from Final Fantasy VII.  I love Porom’s design and want to play off her amano artwork while possibly incorporating her sprite design.  I have yet to design most of this cosplay.  Aerith, on the other hand, is a longtime favorite of mine.  I have wanted to cosplay since I started cosplaying (there’s even a post or two on her in the back files of this blog), but I have never completely decided on a version of her I want to do.  Since she is a very popular character to cosplay, I want my rendition of her to stand out from the others that litter cosplay sites everywhere.  Not that it’s a bad thing, she is an awesome character, it’s just hard to stand out among so large a crowd.  Hence, why I’ve been leaning more toward an Amano version.  She is another cosplay I have yet to design or even really think about doing so, but when and if I do I shall post more.

Sakura Con Cosplays

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It’s official!  I’m going to Sakura-Con!  Woot!  It will be my first out-of-state con so I’m excited yet slightly nervous.  Of course, I’m planning a few new cosplays.  I would like to finish five or so before con.  It would be great to get a lot of photos while there since the locations are so varied and often perfect for characters from larger cities/ metropolis settings.

For my list, I chose characters that I either enjoy or go with groups, often both.  Even though the list is quite long, it is doable for the most part.  As time goes one, I’m sure the list will dwindle, but for now here it is.

To start off, I would really like to finish my Amano Yuna.  She’s been a dream of mine and it would be a great joy to cosplay her, especially at so large a con.  If I conplete her on time, I may enter her in the cosplay contest.  In addition to Yuna, I would really like to finish Amano Child Rydia.  She is another character I have liked for a long time and would greatly enjoy cosplaying.  Further more, there may be a few Final Fantasy 4 cosplayers with whom to take photos.

Next, I am finishing and taking Akari.  Regardless of if I find a group or not, I would love to cosplay my favorite character and get photos of her by the sea.  It would be a dream come true.  Along with her, I want to make and take Toki from Princess Mononoke.  There is going to be a good sized Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli group, and I have wanted to cosplay her for a long time.

Princess Mercury in her silver millennium dress from the Sailor Moon manga is another cosplay I really want to bring.  Mercury has always been my favorite sailor scout and her silver millennium dress was one of the first cosplays I wanted to make.  In league with Mercury is Chie from Persona 4.  Chie was a character I loved even before I started playing the game and watching the anime.  There are plans for a semi large scale Persona 4 group that I’m a part of which makes this cosplay even more exciting.

The list doesn’t stop there.  Along with the above, I want to make and bring Dragon Kid from Tiger & Bunny.  This cosplay would be a part of a planned group/photoshoot.  If I have time, I would like to make her casual ending outfit as well.  Also, I plan to make Shiemi’s school uniform for a Blue Exorcist group.

Hopefully, I will finish Kasumi’s loyalty outfit from Mass Effect 2 in time to bring.  I greatly enjoyed her character in the game and would love to cosplay her there. If I finish her in time, she is another prospect for the cosplay contest.  Susukihotaru from Otome Youkai Zakuro is another cosplay I would like to bring given enough time.

Finally, if I have time I would like to bring Kari from Digimon Adventures.  She was my favorite character from the original series and there may be a small sized Digimon Adventures group.  I may bring Saria from Ocarina of Time as well since she is one of my favorite Legend of Zelda characters.  Ok.  I promise that’s all.  I told you the list was long.  ^_^

In addition to making new cosplays, I’ll be bringing a few previous ones as well.  These will mainly be for photoshoots and may or may not make appearances at con.  So far it looks like I’ll be bringing Vorfeed, Sheryl’s snowman/premiere dress, Miwako’s pink and black sweater outfit, Nora (if I can find her shoes), Temari (if the wig still fits), and multiple steampunk outfits.

I’ll be helping a few friends with their cosplays as well so needless to say I am going to be busy for a while.  I really can’t wait to see how this whole ordeal turns out.  It’s exciting to be going to new place yet the prep work is going to be crazy.  ~_~  Here’s hoping it’s worth it.  ^_^

I’ll be posting more in depth posts about the cosplays mentioned here as time allows.  Hopefully, I’ll have some progress to report as well!   Until next time!

A Very Long but Needed Update

It’s been so long since I posted last that I don’t know where to start.  I’ll start with the most recent happenings.  I apologize if this post seems scattered and hectic or random.  I’m trying to fit a lot of information into a sufferable post length.  Please bear with me and don’t judge the blog just by this post.  I have more succinct posts and updates.  I assure you.

My last con for the year (Tomodachi Fest) was this past weekend.  I debuted three new cosplays (Nora from Spice and Wolf, Sheryl Nome, and Miwako from Paradise Kiss) and hosted a sewing panel.  It was my first panel, and I am very pleased with how it went.  I saw a bunch of friends and made a few new ones.  I even entered the cosplay contest though I didn’t win. Sadly, I missed a few events I wanted to go to but am looking forward to catching a few at the next con.  Overall, it was a very fun con even though it was the smallest one to which I’ve been.  There were about 100 attendees at most.   Most likely, I will go back next year I look forward to seeing how it changes in the next year.

I’m going to play reverse for the rest of the post and briefly explain what happened since August to November.  Again, please bear with me.  I’m trying to make this post the best it can be for how fragmented the information is.

June and July were pretty uneventful, except for a small cavy (guinea pig) show for 4-H in July.  The months mostly consisted of me sewing like a maniac while trying to haul my sewing machine and projects with me everywhere due to unforeseen events.  I wasn’t able to get a lot done, but I did debut a few new cosplays and attended a couple photo shoots.  They were very exhausting months yet not totally unenjoyable.  There were moments and people that helped brighten those dark months.

August was very interesting to say the least.  It started with Fandemonium which was amazing as usual.  I worked help desk again this year and absolutely loved it.  I’m very excited to try for the position next year.  This year, I didn’t debut any new cosplays due to lack of time and funds.  Instead I wore Fire Nation Toph with a newly styled wig and an original steampunk design.  Both were very well received for which I am glad.  The con mostly consisted of me working help desk, but I met a few new friends and saw many old ones.  I love how cons bring friends together.  I also entered the costume contest as Toph but didn’t win.  Overall, I am very, very pleased with this con.  It is a favorite of mine for a reason.  I can’t wait to see what next year is like.

4-H exhibits and fair, along with the new semester, closed August.  Fair was disappointing yet somehow enjoyable to say the least.  Due to my not having a reliable sewing location or printer, I was unable to finish all but three of my intended twelve projects and those were barely completed on time.  Despite my utter disappointment for the first few days, fair overall was enjoyable.  The projects I did enter all received blue ribbons and my two cavies (guinea pigs) did very well despite the stressful fair environment.  In addition, I received best of breed for my white crested cavy and top showman for my age division.  I also did well in the fashion review and earned a blue ribbon.  Graduating 4-H was bittersweet.  I’m happy to move one yet sad to see it go.

The next couple months were pretty unexciting sewing wise.  School continued as normal and I moved out of my mom’s house.  There were a couple small yet fun photo shoots in September, and I was able to debut a few new cosplays and costumes for both.  October was a bit more exciting.  I received a commission and worked on a costume for Halloween while helping various friends with costumes and cosplays of their own.

The past few months have been interesting to say the least.  I was able to make and throw together a few cosplays, most which were mediocre.  Looking back, I can see some growth in learning how to make and draft costumes and explain the process to others.  There was a lot of personal growth as well.  I’ve seen a small taste of how hard yet rewarding it is to live on your own.  There is definitely a fine line to walk in order to avoid lots of pitfalls and personal struggles.  Yet the character it gives it so rewarding.  These past months have shown me that I have a lot to improve and a long way to go before I’m any better of a person or seamstress or cosplayer than I am today.  It will take a lot more hard work and determination to reach my dreams and goals.  Nevertheless, I’m content and please to have struggled through the past months and year no matter many or how hard the dark and challenging times were.  I look forward to what the new year brings with an unexpected fervor and joy.

I Return

No, I am not dead.  I apologize for the long wait and neglect of my blog.  My computer’s been down since September due to a bad adapter, and I never got around to updating manually because my schedule turned extremely busy and all my pictures and other blogging stuff were on my computer.  Nevertheless, I’m back and plan to fill you in on all that’s happened so expect a flood of posts in the next week or two, especially since the semester is coming to a close.

A Little Bit of Progress

School’s been going well.  The first month was really slow so I spent more time watching anime than studying because there was almost no studying assigned to begin with.  It’s started to pick up a bit, but I doubt the work load will be two heavy.  After all I’m only taking a couple classes this semester.

As for cosplay, it’s been going well…ish.  I had gone almost a month without working on any of my projects and now they’re catching up to me along with their deadlines.  As nice as it was to breeze through five or six seasons in two to three weeks, I see now that it would have been better to focus more on cosplaying instead of watching anime.  Oh well, might as well add this to my long list of what-cosplay-has-taught-me, finish your most important assignments first and on time.  I believe the next two weeks will be very difficult.  Because of my little mistake, I’ll be juggling a 2-5 page paper, two vocab and verb tense and usage quizzes, and at least the partial construction of seven cosplays, four of which must be done by this coming Saturday.  Ah, the joys of youth with all it’s chances to learn.  I shall remember this lesson for later.

River Tam Cosplay and Prop

Yes, I will admit it.  I am somewhat of a … ok a major geek.  I was sorting through Firefly (the series not the bug) patterns on Ravelry the other day and I ran across two amazing projects that simply must be done in the next few months.  The first is a nigh perfect replica of the crocheted shrug River wears in “Jaynestown” and “Objects in Space” (reference below) and the second is a Serenity (the ship from the Firefly series) plushie.

I’ve been wanting to cosplay River when I first say the series back in high school before I even knew what cosplay was.  She is such a complex character and her wardrobe is amazing.  I really can’t wait to actually get to cosplay her.  Hopefully, I can get a full group together as well.  That would just make the event even more awesome.


The Serenity plushie is an added bonus I found.  I would love to use it as a prop for River, especially since she pretended to be Serenity in “Objects in Space”.  Both look to be relatively easy projects, though I might have to modify the shrug to fit perfectly.  I’m hoping to get both projects done before the new year at the earliest and by my favorite con in August for sure.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to start these projects soon and post progress pictures as I go.